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Our Company
Founded in Summer 2004 and with a history snaking back to years before this, Particle Soft is a developer of high quality software products designed for web environments. We have a variety of different products either now publically available or in development that offer scalable solutions for online businesses and individuals.

Our history began back in early 2003 when founder Chris Worfolk created a bulletin board system for a number of his websites named Particle Board. This was made publicly available in Summer 2003. The project was revived in 2004 when Particle Soft was formed and a number of new products began development.

If you need to contact us, you can do so here (we also have a postal address). Please note however that support is not provided via e-mail. If you are having problems visit the knowledge base or community forums.


Our People

Chris Worfolk
Chris Worfolk Founder of Particle Soft, Chris Worfolk leads the company taking a major role in all development projects and expansions. He continues to head the company as we develop more innovating products and services, being an avid programmer and scripting in PHP, active server pages, JavaScript and many more.

Chris also has major online properties elsewhere being the founder and owner of Worfolk Online, a vast network of websites with titles including Fallen Nation, TV Forge and Pitiful Fish. Worfolk Online continues to expand launching bigger and better websites each month.

Indeed Particle Soft was originally founded based on the first version of Particle Board which was created by Chris to be used on a number of websites within the Worfolk Online website.

Favourite Website:
Nerd Federation

Favourite Forums:
Buffy Talk Forums

Carl S. Richardson
Carl S. Richardson Bringing a long history of experiance in web scripting to Particle Soft, Carl is also a lead developer on many of the projects specialising on application security and instrastructure planning. Carl specialising in PHP though also he is also a big fan of Cold Fusion.

Carl has several side projects accross the internet with his own network named Ceon Online. The network boosts its own custom scripted content and user management systems.

Carl also takes a large interest in science and is currently persuing biology and chemistry at Temple Moor Science College.

Favourite Website:
MazeStar Network

Favourite Forums:
Maze Forums

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