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Particle Blogger
When I click a monthly archive link for January - September I get an error page.
I get an invalid character error in the RSS feed
Questions on templates and skins
No space for the post body appears when I try to make a new post
Can I remove the link from the bottom of the page?
Particle Gallery
The rating box only appears on certain images
Why does the box that allows users to rate images only appears on certain images?
I get an Warning: fopen() [function.fopen]: SAFE MODE Restriction in effect error
SQL injection vulnerability in viewimage.php
What version of GD do I need?
Particle Links
I get a "Not implemented" JavaScript error
The end of very long my phrases get cut off.
When I make a phrase multi-line the text in the header just says T
I am unable to approve links with ' in the title or description
Emails sent are missing the decision
When I edit a topic, it is set as having no parent
The edit website link under manage links doesn't work
Particle Whois
I get a "Not implemented" JavaScript error
I am unable to upgrade my profile
Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to errors
Particle Wiki
Why can't I get images to work?
When I revert a page, the old code still shows up in the edit box
When I revert a page the reason for reverting is cut short
SQL injection vulnerability via version variable
I am unable to log in to the admin panel

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