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Particle Gallery
Whether you want to showcase world class photography or share holiday pictures with your friends, Particle Gallery provides you with an easy way to get your own online photo album up and running. More importantly when you need to grow, the script is packing some of the most powerful features around.

Key Features

  • Easy to Install
    Get your gallery up and running in minutes
  • Powerful features
    Thumbnails, multi-upload, comments, rating and lots more
  • Cache system
    Speed up performance by caching generated images
  • Admin panel
    Config editing, user management and template editing
  • Moderation panel
    Moderate images, mass move and delete images
  • User accounts
    Allow users to register, upload, user control panel
  • Skinable
    Easily edit the templates and CSS, alter pretty much any HTML
  • Inline browsing
    Browse through galleries using inline thumbnails, previous and next
  • Compatible
    Full support added for users who don't have GD2


  • PHP 4.x or 5.x [ PHP ]
  • MySQL 4 or 5 [ MySQL ]

Recommended (but not essential):

  • GD2 [ often comes with PHP, GD ]
  • fopen wrappers enabled in php.ini, [ info ]


Gallery Homepage Album Viewing Search
Gallery Homepage Album Viewing Search
User Admin Mass Moderation Comments Admin
User Admin Mass Moderation Comments Admin


Download the latest version here or visit the downloads page for more options including upgrading and compression formats.


For support for Particle Gallery visit the Knowledge Base or our community forums.

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