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Particle Links
Link directories can be powerful traffic tools increasing search engine ranking from outgoing links and earning you incoming links too. Particle Links makes it amazingly easy to start your own directory whether you want a small index or to be the next DMOZ.

Key Features

  • Easy to Install
    Get your directory up and running in minutes
  • Unlimited topic layers
    Create topics, sub-topics of unlimited layers and even hide them for editing
  • Search function
    Allow users to run full text searches on the listings
  • Admin tools
    Adminstration panel and editor panel to admin directory
  • User management
    Apoint admins and moderators to help admin the directory
  • Fast editing
    Edit and delete links almost instantly with AJAX
  • User submissions
    Allow users to suggest URLs, moderation queue to check them first
  • Static URLs
    Folder style browsing such as Topic1/Topic2/Topic3/ URLs available
  • Skinable
    All directory pages and CSS all skinable and editable on site


  • PHP 4.x or 5.x [ PHP ]
  • MySQL 4 or 5 [ MySQL ]


Searching History Log Installer
Directory Page Searching Installer


Download the latest version here or visit the downloads page for more options including upgrading and compression formats.


For support for Particle Whois visit the Knowledge Base or our community forums.

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