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Particle Wiki
Wikis are quickly spreading accross the internet. 2005 has been called the year of the enterprise wiki. With Particle Wiki you can set-up a wiki in minutes and get all the features you would expect from a wiki application.

Key Features

  • Easy to Install
    Edit your database file then just follow the installer
  • Fully featured
    Add links, external links, images, headings and more
  • Customisable
    Select HTML settings, who can edit pages, lock pages
  • Spam prevention
    Automatic spam bot detection and content blocking
  • History, archives
    Archive every copy of a page and instantly revert back
  • Find information
    Search title and full text, see recent changes and linking pages
  • Skinable
    Easily change the look and comes with three seperates skins


  • PHP 4.x or 5.x [ PHP ]
  • MySQL 4 or 5 [ MySQL ]


Wiki Page Page History Installer
Wiki Page Page History Installer


Download the latest version here or visit the downloads page for more options including upgrading and compression formats.


For support for Particle Whois visit the Knowledge Base or our community forums.

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