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Particle Soft has a number of different scripts and projects currently in development. Listed below are the products that we now have public releases for which are available to download or licence. For more information about our projects and new developments see our community forums or news page.


Particle Blogger
Blogging is currently sweeping the internet and Particle Blogger allows you to install a blog system on your website and begin blogging within minutes. With intergrated RSS feeds and option to use friendly urls, Particle Blogger comes equiped with all the features you need for a professional looking blog. Particle Blog is used by the Particle Soft team for blogging about site issues, problems and development news.
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Particle Fusion
Power in simplicity, the Particle Fusion content management system allows you to run your website with the minimum of effort. Editing of pages can be done using the editor without any knowledge of HTML and a templating system allows you to make global changes to all the pages without having to update each page individually. You can also manage uploads and users and there is an audit trail to log actions.
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Particle Gallery
Supporting unlimited layers of albums, thumbnails, multi-image uploading, comments, rating, reporting, mass-moderation and being fully skinable we like to think Particle Gallery has some pretty powerful features. Combine that will full support for users who don't have GD, a full user system, admin and moderation panels, just to name a few of the features and you have all you need from a image gallery.
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Particle Links
This lightweight script features some powerful functionality in allowing you to create a website directory. It can be installed with a minimum amount of settings so you can get started very fast and an inline editing panel allows you to add unlimited layers of topics and websites. The header, footer and CSS are skinable and you can create multiple skins which users can choose between.
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Particle Whois
Particle Whois allows you to setup a multiple TLD (top level domain) whois engine that you and your visitors can use to search for domain availability and fetch whois information. It features logging so you can see a list of previously searched domains, their availability and the time of the search. It also features automatic form code generation so you can put the search box on other web pages.
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Particle Wiki
Particle Wiki allows you to set up a wiki in minutes! Easily edit together pages using standard wiki mark-up or even enable HTML. Archive copies of each page to look back at older versions and revert to a previous version in just a few clicks. Find out what links to each page and easily hide all the above from your visitors if you just wish to run a normal website using skins.
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