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Particle Soft offers or is developing a number of services either run directly through us or with one of our partners.


Don't have the technical knowledge to install the script yourself? No problem, for a one-time fee we can get you up and running with any of our scripts and configure it for optimal performance. We can take care of pretty much everything from creating the database to making sure the script is running correctly.

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Take our a hosting package with partner, M World Hosting and we will setup and install one of Particle Soft's products on your webspace so it is set up and ready for you to use. Just contact M World Hosting in the first month of your new account and we will install the script of your choice. Using live chat you may be able to get it done as you wait!

Hosted Blogs
Frinks recently unveiled it's online blogging service - powered by Particle Blogger technology! So if you don't want to host your own blog or you are limited on space you can have a blog on Frinks for free. You can even have several and each one as with Particle Blogger has automatic archiving and an integrated RSS feed.

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